Good Samaritan Covers Vet Bill for Little Girl's Dog

Posted by Krissy Howard
Austin Humphries/The Coloradoan

When a young girl's Grandma realized she didn't have the funds to cover their dog's medical procedure, a good Samaritan stepped in to help.

Thanks to the goodwill of a kind stranger, a 12-year-old Colorado girl named Olivia Rousha got to spend Christmas morning with her best friend.

The child and her grandmother, Myra, weren't sure what fate had in store for their six-year-old Chihuahua, Frodo, when tooth and jaw pain required him to be rushed to the vet.

As it turned out, Frodo was in so much pain that the veterinarians couldn't get a muzzle around his snout to diagnose his condition. They turned to Grandma Myra, who is on disability, with some bad news - Frodo would need to be sedated for his exam, which would cost her around $1,000.

She said in an interview with the Coloradoan:

"I had $50 to my name and there was no more money until the first of the month. He was in pain and there was nothing I could do. It was truly all the money I had." 

Fortunately for Frodo and his family, a kind stranger overheard the ordeal from the lobby and knew she had to do something.

Dianne Skogerboe, who has five dogs, four cats, and a chicken, said:

"I heard a really loud cry from an animal. A woman came out with a dog, and the dog cried out really loud. It was obviously in a lot of pain. I couldn't see the dog leave in that amount of pain. I don't like suffering, and that dog was clearly suffering."

Austin Humphries/The Coloradoan

She decided right then and there that she would donate $300 toward the cost of Frodo's sedation and the extraction of an abscessed tooth.

Olivia said: 

"I feel so grateful that somebody (paid the bill) because they didn't have to. He could still be in pain but he's not, and I'm grateful."


Frodo still needs to have more teeth pulled, but the immediate concern is taken care of thanks to Skogerboe's kind effort.

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Good Samaritan Covers Vet Bill for Little Girl's Dog