Good Luck Eating a Meal with This Cat Around

Posted by Paige Cerulli
begging cat

This cat is such a good beggar that he makes eating a meal into quite the challenge. 

Ever feel like you're being watched? You'd be right, if you have this cat around. Eating a meal with this cat is a challenge, especially if you don't like being watched while you eat. This silly cat makes it painfully evident that he's hungry and he would absolutely love a bite of whatever it is his owner is eating.

Take a look at this funny video. Have you ever found yourself in the same situation?

Some cats develop the habit of begging for food, and giving them bits of food while you're cooking or eating will only encourage this habit. Try to avoid ever feeding your cat while you're eating, especially when you're seated at the table. Instead, feed your cat only at designated times, and only feed him from his own cat dishes. This simple habit can encourage your cat to leave you alone while you're eating or cooking so you don't have to fend off your cat during your meal.

If you do want to give your cat a treat, it's best to stick to a cat treat or a bit of cat food. Human food can upset your cat's digestive system. If you do want to give your cat human food, then a bit of cooked chicken - without any spices or onions added in - is usually a pretty safe bet.

If your cat seems to always be hungry, this may indicate a health issue. If your cat eats everything in his dish and still begs and meows for more, talk to your vet to make sure that your cat is healthy.

While it may be funny to see your cat beg while you eat, it's a habit that can get annoying if it goes on long-term. Setting some ground rules can help your cat to understand where and when he'll be given treats and food, so he leaves you alone when you eat.

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Good Luck Eating a Meal with This Cat Around