'Honey I'm Home!': Iguana Proves They Can Be Just Like Dogs, Kinda

Posted by TF Oren

If you thought dogs were the kings and queens of enthusiastic greetings, think again.

Buddy, a Cayman Brac iguana, greets his human dad with as much excitement as any dog.

In this clip, Buddy is happily sunning himself when his dad arrives home and summons him: "Come here, Buddy!" he yells.

Watch buddy run - yes, run - to greet his dad just like any dog would:

As if coming when called weren't canine enough, Buddy even stays put for some affectionate pats. This happy little guy turns the term "lizard brain" on its ear.

The Cayman Brac iguana, an endangered subspecies of the Cuban iguana, is native to the Sister Isles, two islands to the south of Cuba.

You can learn more about iguanas as pets, including Cuban iguanas and their complex care requirements, here.

What do you think of this trained iguana's dog-like antics? Let us know in the comments section!

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