Goldendoodle's Cone of Shame Is the Best Easter Basket Ever

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dog cone of shame

I'll take one Goldendoodle Hippity Hop, please.

Forget the golden egg. We want this golden rabbit!

Murphy the Goldendoodle has been captivating the Internet for the past few years with her puppy antics. Or, rather, human-like antics.

Murphy's people say she "identifies as a human," which would explain why she is often caught wearing a robe and sipping wine.

For Easter this year, her parents did a throwback to Murphy's cone of shame days, which every dog knows oh-so-well. They decorated her plastic shade as an Easter basket and, thankfully, caught it all on video.

Hippity Hoppity • • ?#tbt when I rocked my #coneofshame

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While Murphy donned her cone, she also posed as a martini glass. Which only makes sense considering she "thinks every hour should be happy hour."

You know what they say... you are what you drink ? #murphymartini

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What have you transformed your dog's cone of shame into? Tell us in the comments below!

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