Golden Retriever Thinks Fast and Jumps in Water to Save Drowning Fawn

Posted by Mateja Lane
drowning fawn

It was just a normal Sunday morning walk for Storm the Golden Retriever until he saw a flailing baby deer in the water. 

Storm acted fast and waded into Long Island Sound, swimming out to the helpless fawn, gently grabbing it by the scruff of its neck, and swimming back to the shore. Storm's owner, Mark Freely, was proud of his Golden, who did what he was bred to do and retrieve an animal from the water.

As Storm brought the little fawn onto shore, it was shivering and very scared. Freely got the rescue on camera and posted the incredible video on Facebook.

What a morning...can't believe this...Storm just saved this baby deer from PJ Harbor...

Posted by Mark Freeley on Sunday, July 16, 2017

As Storm brings the little deer onto the beach, it tries to run but Storm kind of cuts it off and it lays down from exhaustion. This is when Freeley pulls Storm away and makes plans for where the fawn can recover.

Freeley called the Strong Island Animal Rescue to come pick up the orphaned fawn. Volunteer Frank Floridia arrived on scene only to see the wayward deer put itself right back into harm's way.

The poor baby deer was confused and terrified and as soon as it found its legs, it dashed right back into the water. This time Floridia jumped in to save little Bambi from drowning once again.

Posted by Strong Island Animal Rescue League on Sunday, July 16, 2017

As soon as everyone was safe, and back on dry land, the volunteers made another call to a local wildlife rescue, STAR Foundation. The baby fawn was relatively healthy, if not cold, tired, and scared. It did have an eye injury and is now being rehabilitated at the wildlife rescue.

Posted by Strong Island Animal Rescue League on Sunday, July 16, 2017

While the fawn's mother was nowhere to be found, the rescue is confident that the fawn will recover and be released into the woods again. Just hopefully a little farther from the water's edge!

The Strong Island Animal Rescue wanted to thank everyone involved, especially Storm, the good dog who made the first daring rescue. They wrote on Facebook:

"It was an amazing group effort today. Thank you Mark, Storm, Frankie, Erica and everyone at STAR who all played an amazing part in saving a life today."

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