Golden Retriever Puppies Go for Their First Swim to Beat the Texas Heat

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Eight puppies take their first strokes at Rummy's Beach Club in Spring, Texas.

There are private beach clubs for humans, and there are private beach clubs for dogs.

In Spring, Texas, dogs can get their swim on indoors and outdoors at Rummy's Beach Club for pooches and their humans. They can lounge on rafts, jump off docks, play with tennis balls, or be the awkward introvert in the pool. It's really all up to the dogs.

Puppy swimming classes are offered, too. Check out this adorable video capturing eight Golden Retriever puppies testing the water for the first time.

Just like people, some belly flop in immediately (if not accidentally) while others dip a paw in first and some need slight coercion.

Your dog's first trip to the water can make or break his future as a water dog. Even though some pups are bred for swimming with webbed feet, a traumatic initial experience poolside or lakeside can leave them fearing the water's edge. Rummy's Beach Club has a shallow pool for beginners and short-statured individuals that helps the acclimation process.

Instead of forcing your dog into the water as owners are prone to do out of excitement and anticipation, allow the pup to go at his own pace. If it's slower than a snail's pace, try treats and leisurely introducing your canine to the water. You might thank yourself come puppy bath time!

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Golden Retriever Puppies Go for Their First Swim to Beat the Texas Heat