Golden Puppy Tries to Figure out This Thing on His Butt (His Tail)

Posted by Amber King
golden retriever puppy

Being a puppy isn't easy, especially when you're constantly chased by a spear of confusing fluff.

It was an exciting day when adorable Golden Retriever puppy, Ollie, was gifted a flashy purple jacket. Some dogs don't appreciate the finer points of winter fashion, but Ollie was happy to wear his new gift--that is, until he saw the strange thing sticking out behind him.

Unable to recognize his own tail with his new jacket on, Ollie starts investigating. He's determined to catch the thing extending out from under his jacket, but the elusive beast continually escapes his grasp.

He spins around in adorable confusion trying to snatch the golden fluff. His big brother, Toby, can't help but watch. The older Golden Retriever is probably thinking about what a silly little boy Ollie is being, but he offers no help when his little brother looks over in his direction.

After putting on a precious show of puppy twirls, spins, and twists, Ollie is finally beaten by the mysterious object. He looks toward his human, Josh Mackow, in defeat, but it's hard to get past his pleading puppy face.

From puppy to adulthood, dogs of all ages can be caught mesmerized by the mysteriousness of their tails. Sometimes they chase their tails because it's a fun game, and many times, puppies don't even realize their tails are a part of their bodies. They're still learning, and a tail turns into a toy they can never lose. The best part is, watching a puppy's silly antics is always enjoyable.

Ollie may finally learn what the thing is protruding from the rear of his jack, and as he ages, chasing his tail might not be as fun. But for now, watching him learn about his body and the mysteries of the world is one of the best parts about owning a puppy.

Do your dogs chase their tails? Let us know in the comments.

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Golden Puppy Tries to Figure out This Thing on His Butt (His Tail)