Goats Play King of the Hill ... on the Horses

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These goats have a fun time playing King of the Horse.

Anyone who has ever lived on a farm with goats is aware of their climbing skills. Actually, you don't have to know anything about farm life to be familiar with the agility of goats.

These ungulates look effortless when they jump onto their horse friends' backs in the video below. The equines show a lot of patience and tolerance.

It's clear there's a special bond between these hoofed animals. Some of the horses even take their barebacked riders for a romp around the barnyard!

Horses are patient creatures and goats are relatively curious and energetic individuals, which explains the dynamic shown in this video. But caprines are also known to be climbers. They play King of the Hill when they're kids. They'll even bond with their owner during yoga, hopping up on Mom's back.

If you have these two animals around the farm, enjoy watching the adorable bond between two different species. But also keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or danger. A sudden move by the horse could cause the goat to slide off and get injured.

Also, while the horses in this video seem to be relatively good-natured--to the point that they'll even allow two to tango--others might not be as open to the idea of a free back massage.

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Goats Play King of the Hill ... on the Horses