Goats of Anarchy Update: How the Kids Are Doing

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All images via Goats of Anarchy Facebook

What's been going on at Goats of Anarchy? 

Leanne Lauricella, founder of Goats of Anarchy, adopted a special needs goat, Angel, in early 2016. Since adopting Angel, she has taken on more and more kids in need.

She has since relocated and an incredible team built the goats a playground. The playground is complete with a trampoline and the Enchanted Goat Forest!


Lauricella will even have a live cam where you can check out what the kids are up to and you can now visit the farm!

Here are updates on the new kids at GOA, and how they're doing.


Angel is doing great since the last update. She started out small, but now she is getting healthier, gaining weight, and growing!


However, with that growth, her front legs are having a difficult time holding up that extra weight. She has upgraded to a bigger cart and gets time each day to exercise her legs and build up her strength.


Miles was adopted as a pal for Angel. He had severely contracted tendons in both legs, and his right leg was completely immobile. He underwent a surgery to cut the tendons, which was his only option since he is a Boer goat and could grow to be almost 200 pounds.


He spent some time hobbling around on splinted legs, while the tendons healed. Now he only has one splinted leg and is continuing to improve; he's even learning to play on the playground with the big kids!


Baby Linc was rescued from a slaughterhouse in New Jersey. He was rescued with a broken rear leg from being run over by a truck. His injuries sat untreated for a few weeks before he was rescued.

Once he was rescued it was realized that he was completely feral, having only known abuse from humans.


He and Miles became fast friends, being similarly sized and both experiencing leg injuries. His leg didn't require surgery, only a splint was necessary to help guide the bones that were still in the process of healing.

He now hangs out with the big kids and has no problems keeping up!


When Leanne received a call about a very tiny blind baby goat, she couldn't say no. When she received Polly she weighed around three pounds, which is very small. While she has difficulty finding her bottle when it is right in front of her, she squinted when light was shone in her eyes.


Polly has since bonded with Cherry, another new GOA family member. Polly will need a pal, like Cherry, who has similar needs because when goats play, they butt heads. Since Polly can't see those headbutts coming, she needs someone to play gentle.


Much like Angel's start in the world, Pilot was also found with severe frostbite damage. He also lost the bottom half of both rear legs as well as the tips of his ears, just like Angel!


He loved borrowing Angel's cart, and has since progressed to prosthetic legs that he loves to hop around on. He's named for the wonderful pilots of Pilots and Paws, that helped him arrive safely in New Jersey.


This little piggy was found in terrible conditions. He was rescued along with a dog and a goat that were being kept in cages on hot pavement with no water.


He became fast friends with Piney and, for the first few weeks with Leanne, Winston was convinced that Piney was his mama. Piney and Winston have since moved out to their own pen in the barn! They are happier than pigs in, well... you know!

August and June

Nigerian Dwarf goat siblings, August and June were an unexpected addition to Leanne's tribe. She found out about Auggie and his little legs, which were deformed, and then found out he had a twin sister.


Because of her big heart, Leanne couldn't bear to split them up. Auggie has since had surgery to strip the bone and promote regrowth. The goal is for the bone to continue to regrow correctly. As well as being strapped into a harness to help his legs grow properly, he is rapidly improving!


A sweet girl initially thought to be blind, Cherry was added to the Goats of Anarchy family as an intended match for Polly. When she arrived in New Jersey, it became apparent that she was not blind, but was behaving differently and getting stuck in corners.


The first few nights she was so afraid she wouldn't lay down, sleep, or eat. Doctors confirmed that she has a neurological condition but they aren't sure what caused it. While Cherry's world is a little different, she couldn't have a better home with Leanne and the kids at GOA.

Coming Soon: Ruby!

Ruby will be arriving at GOA soon. Similarly to Angel and Pilot, she is missing the bottom half of both legs and the tips of her ears. Again, this is due to frostbite.


She is around 50 pounds and her transportation to Leanne is currently in the works. There is no doubt that she will fit right in at GOA!

While these kids all have a rough start in common, they also have stories that end happily in common! All thanks to Leanne and the Goats of Anarchy crew!

All images via Goats of Anarchy Facebook.

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Goats of Anarchy Update: How the Kids Are Doing