Goats Meet Kittens ... and They'll All Be Friends Soon

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Two new barn kittens have been added to the herd at Sunflower Farm Creamery, and these two goats aren't sure how they feel about it.

Sunflower Farm Creamery isn't just a farm in Maine that makes local cheese from Nigerian dwarf goats. It's home to a whole herd of barnyard friends, including two new additions.

All of the animals on the farm have names. In this video, kitties Virginia and Evelyn meet goats Rhubarb and Rocky for the first time. The goats hopped the fence to check out the roaming critters, but when the ruminants got close, they weren't sure what to do next!

Check out the adorable interaction between goats and kittens in Sunflower Farm Creamery's video:

When the cats climb the rafters, the goats see it as their chance to be mischievous, too. Apparently, size is no obstacle for these goats, or any goat for that matter, as most farm owners would attest.

The barnyard friends have individual personalities that are quite noticeable to the caretakers. The farm says, "They all have distinct calls we know even from the kitchen, they each have preferences for their favorite treats, and places they most love to be scratched."

Sunflower Farm Creamery has a live webcam where you can watch the furry farm life 24/7. You'll catch more than just goats and cats walking by. Dogs and chicks roam the premises, too.

April 11 through May 19 is birthing season for the goats this year. On the live webcam, you might be lucky enough to catch one of the 18 pregnant goats giving birth. You could get the chance to see a kid goat learn to walk!

Be sure to check out the camera to see these kids in action, catch some interspecies bonding, and find out what's new on the farm. If you're in Maine, you can even visit the goats yourself during visiting hours.

Sunflower Farm Creamery is a no-cull farm for goats, advocating for no-kill dairy farms. In the commercial dairy industry, milking herds are "culled" or killed when they cannot produce up to standards. That's not the case at this home farm. The goats are pets, and their owners make sure each animal gets proper care with an extra dose of TLC.

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Goats Meet Kittens ... and They'll All Be Friends Soon