Goats Caught Redhanded Poaching a Trampoline

Posted by Mateja Lane

Watch these goats take over the farm trampoline.

Goats have fun doing just about everything.

Watch them commandeer the farm's trampoline and have the best time ever.

Watching 44 seconds of goats jumping on a trampoline seems like time well spent.

The goats take turns jumping onto the trampoline and head-butting each other off. One even falls through the springs!

We should really take example from goats and see the joy and fun in nearly every moment of life. There's just something about those floppy ears that could keep you happily watching goats forever.

Goats are great on farms not just because they're cute, they also make great brush control for your property!

Do you have a silly goat? Show us in the comments below!

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Goats Caught Redhanded Poaching a Trampoline