Limber Fun: Goat Yoga Classes Filling up at Farm in Arizona

Posted by Paige Cerulli
goat yoga
All images: Arizona Goat Yoga

Arizona yoga aficionados have a totally unique opportunity: Sign up for some goat yoga classes which are proving to be super popular.

We all know that yoga is good for your health, but one business is taking a very different approach to yoga. Arizona yoga instructor April Gould and her business partner Sarah Williams have been offering goat yoga classes. And the classes have been filling up.


Gould never imagined that the goat yoga classes would be the hit that they are. But in fact, the classes are selling out, and Gould instructs up to 60 people at a time.

Her eight goats help with the classes, moving about among the participants and even occasionally hop up on a yoga student to help out with a pose.


The yoga classes, which Gould initially thought would be a fun, lighthearted departure from traditional yoga classes, have actually turned out to be great community-building opportunities.

Many participants don't know each other, but they'll leave the classes talking and interacting comfortably.


An added benefit is the fact that people who aren't used to farms or farm animals have a chance to interact with animals. Gould's goats are super sweet, and the classes may actually help to introduce people to animals they never knew they would fall in love with.

A professional photographer is present at each class, so participants can buy photos to help remember their unique yoga experience.


Interested in giving goat yoga a shot? The hour-long classes cost $10 per participant. But be sure to book early; they're filling up. You can learn more and reserve your spot on Arizona Goat Yoga's website.

All images: Arizona Goat Yoga

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Limber Fun: Goat Yoga Classes Filling up at Farm in Arizona