Goat Rental Business Makes Yard Work a Cinch

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FOX 8 Cleveland

Some northeastern Ohio residents are getting a jump on summer yard work...but not with the help of lawnmowers and rakes.

Instead, they're using goats to get the job done. More specifically, they're using rental goats.

Haulin' Goats is a goat rental service based in Valley City, Ohio on the As You Wish Acres farm. Local couple Heather and James Kovach, who originally kept the goats as pets, started the business after friends kept sending them articles about how goats were being used to clear unwanted vegetation from people's properties.

Since starting the rental service, Heather reports to Cleveland's FOX 8 that business is booming.

As You Wish Acres

Haulin' Goats will bring the goats to a customer's property, set up a temporary fence around the area that needs to be cleared, and then turn the goats loose in their temporary pasture and let them graze the day away.

At the end of each day, the goats go home. They will return to the property each day until the job is complete.

According to the Haulin' Goats website, one goat can clear about 800 square feet per day. With numbers like that, multiple goats can make quick work of an unruly yard.

Before beginning a job, the Kovachs will make an advance visit to a site to determine how many goats to bring,  approximately how long the job will take, and what it will cost.

Just another day at the office. Photo by James and Heather Kovach via FOX 8 Cleveland
FOX 8 Cleveland

Rental goats are a great solution one of the most undesirable chores out there. They'll clear up all kinds of vegetation, including types that can be hazardous to humans, such as poison ivy and thistles.

Goats are also cute, quiet, eco-friendly, and they fertilize the ground as they work. It's a win for all involved.

Want to learn more about these hardworking (and cute) little lawnmowers? Check out the Haulin' Goats website here.

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Goat Rental Business Makes Yard Work a Cinch