Baby Goat Names

20 Baby Goat Names, Because You Know You Want One


These baby goat names are perfect for your new little kid. 

If you're like most of your fellow Americans, the current pet goat craze has you thinking about getting a baby goat for your homestead -- a tiny, cloven-hooved creature that will nibble at your clothes, jump, frolic, and do back-flips for absolutely no reason.

You researched breeds of goats, located the nearest goat breeder, figured out where to house your goat, and even what to feed it. Now you're left with one final challenge -- finding the perfect name.

These adorable farm animals make great pets. While there are over 300 breeds of goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats and Pygmy goats are the most common pet goats -- this is probably because these mini goats are undeniably two of the cutest!

So, whether your new goat is a male goat or a female goat, here are 20 name ideas we can guarantee you and your pet goat will absolutely love!


10 Boy Goat Names:

1. Billy (A punny name, this is a good name for all boy goats as all male goats are called billy goats!)
2. Butter
3. Clover
4. Goatzilla
5. Goofy
6. Gruff
7. Lambert (Great for Disney fans, this is a name from a 1952 Disney short!)
8. Ozzy
9. Pan

10 Girl Names for Goats

1. Barbara (or Baaa-rbra!)
2. Brownie
3. Bubbles
4. Bo Peep
5. Cuddles
6. Coco/Cocoa
7. Daisy
8. Nanny (Same as "Billy", this is a good name for any girl goat as all female goats are called nanny goats!)
9. Trinket
10. Tinkerbell (Another cute one for Disney fans!)

Bonus names!

1. Alfalfa
2. Pickles
3. Wooly

We hope this provided some inspiration for your journey to find the perfect name for your new baby goat! However, if you're still having trouble choosing a name, you could wait until you meet your new pet goat: He or she will let you know which name is the right one!


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This article was originally published April 27, 2017.

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