Goat in Home Depot Parking Lot Causes a Stir

Posted by Allie Layos

There are a number of things you expect to find in a parked car, but a goat isn't one of them. 

John Miller of Sutton, Massachusetts, didn't expect it anyway. He was getting into his car in the Home Depot parking lot in Oxford when he noticed something strange in a nearby vehicle.

"It had horns on its head," Miller said in an interview with the Boston Globe.

It had horns because it was a goat, standing in the vehicle's front seat. This scenario was too funny for Miller, who took out his phone and began filming.

"I was in complete shock, and I was amazed," he said.

He posted this 35-second video on Facebook, and it was shared 1,400 times. It wasn't long before the goat's owner, Ashley Robertson, contacted him with an explanation for the very bizarre scenario.

Earlier that day Robertson had brought an alpaca to a different farm, and the farm's owner was looking for a home for a goat.

"My kids had mentioned that we had goats, so she offered him to us and we accepted," Robertson said. "I had to stop at Home Depot on my way home to get a gasket for my leaky toilet. I'm pretty sure I couldn't take him in the store."

Though the goat was only in the car for ten minutes and was never in any danger, he did manage to wreck some pretty typical goat havoc. He turned on the hazard lights, drank an old cup of McDonald's soda, ate some food that had been left behind and defecated in the driver's seat.

"I didn't think he'd be able to get to the front seat because he's such a big boy," Robertson said.

It just goes to show you never know when you'll see a goat, these days...Even on a routine visit to Home Depot!

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Goat in Home Depot Parking Lot Causes a Stir