Goat CrossFit: Why Go to the Gym When You Live on a Farm?

Posted by Mateja Lane
goat crossfit

Tired of being judged when you work out at the gym? Just get some goats. 

This may have been an April Fool's joke but anyone who lives on a farm knows that lifting goats may be a better workout than the CrossFit gym.

Weed 'em & Reap is a gardening and urban farming page that promotes a healthier lifestyle by living off the land. The site is run by a woman named Danelle, who supplies her readers on how-to guides for everything from gardening to raising chickens to meal planning to homeschooling.

But the best thing about Danelle? She has a really good sense of humor.

Instead of going to the CrossFit gym, like all her friends, she uses her backyard, complete with goats and chickens, for her workout regimen. By lifting her goats, chickens, and animal feed across her yard, she is probably getting a good workout anyways. Plus, she gets free haircuts and fresh milk straight from the goat teat.

While providing hilarious entertainment.

Who wouldn't want to watch someone try to get fit by lifting goats? It's hilarious. And Danelle's deadpan sense of humor makes this video even more endearing.

"I think my family is...proud of me, because I'm doing something innovative, something new, that most people are too afraid to try."

And even if people in her neighborhood didn't call her to take classes, she should know that we would've. Because we love animals, especially goats, and to work out with them would make getting fit way more fun.

Check out Weed 'em & Reap on Youtube for more fun and informative videos and follow her on Facebook for some good home gardening and farming tips.

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Goat CrossFit: Why Go to the Gym When You Live on a Farm?