Gizmo the Cat Knows the Right Way to Beg

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Cats may not be able to communicate using words, but that doesn't stop Gizmo - this cat knows the right way to beg!

Cats know what they want, whether it's to go outside, to be fed, to have a piece of your dinner, or to climb into your lap at night. Cats also know just how to get what they want - begging!

How many times have you looked down to see your cat watching you longingly, meowing at you, or rubbing against your legs? A cat may beg until you give in and give him what he wants. It's pretty common.

But cats don't generally beg like Gizmo the cat does. This cat has mastered the art of begging in an unusual way. There's no meowing or leg rubbing for this kitty - no, Gizmo's begging technique is far more sophisticated than that! Take a look at this talented begging cat.

With a cat so adorable, how could you not give in and give Gizmo whatever he wants? We bet he has his owner wrapped around his finger - err... paw.

While begging may be cute, there are some times that you'll want to discourage it. As much as your cat begs for some of your dinner, it's never a good idea to feed your cat while you're still seated at the table. This can lead to your cat getting more and more persistent and even climbing up on the table during your meal.

Your cat may also try to wake you up in the morning when he begs for his breakfast. The best way to handle this is to ignore your cat's begging and feed him once he's stopped and quieted down. If you must get up, don't go right to your cat's food dish, as this is just rewarding him for his begging behavior.

With good boundaries you can manage your cat's begging behavior so that it doesn't largely disrupt your life.

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Gizmo the Cat Knows the Right Way to Beg