Give Your Pet the Power of Choice with Their Own Smart Pet Door

Posted by Mateja Lane

"I want in; I want out; I want to come in again, please."

Give your pet the power to come in and out when they want with their own smart pet door. No more getting up to let them in, then back out again when your dog or cat is feeling indecisive.

You also save $40 on this pet door today on Amazon.

PetSafe SmartDoor Plus Pet Door, Selective Entry/Exit with Programmable Timer

pet door

This smart pet door opens with a smart chip on your pet's collar, so you won't be finding any raccoons or other animals inside your house.

There is also a programmable option where you can specify the flap to go in-only, out-only, or locked both ways.

dog door

The door comes in small and medium, with a cutting template for your door or window, and instructional videos for installation. The pet door's battery is rechargeable.

The small pet door, measuring 7 1/8" x 8 1/4" and fiting pets up to 25 pounds, costs $195.49 and the medium pet door, measuring 9 5/8" x 13 1/4" and fitting pets up to 50 pounds, costs $229.49

That means you save $40 if you buy this smart pet door today!

Hurry up, your dog is ready to go outside and then come back in again.

Does your pet have their own entrance? Tell us in the comments below. 


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Give Your Pet the Power of Choice with Their Own Smart Pet Door