True Fairy Tale: Girl's Pet Horse Becomes a Racing Champion

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Sometimes dreams do come true, at least that's the case of Breana Carsey and her pet horse turned racing champion. 

A girl begs her parents for a broodmare, then vows that the mare's colt will become a Standardbred racing champion. Even though the colt is of sub-par breeding and the family has no experience in the racing industry, he goes on to prove all disbelievers wrong, winning all of his races, plus the state championship. This horse that no one believed in (except for the young girl) becomes a racing champion. It only happens in the movies, right?

Nope. For Breana Carsey, that fairy tale story came true when her parents allowed her to get a broodmare and then raise the foal. Carsey, only 11 years old, stood fast in her belief that the colt, whom she named MJB Got Faith, had the talent to head to the races. Her parents couldn't help but give Carsey's dreams a chance to come true, so they put the horse into training. And then the magic began.

Horse racing can be a heartbreaking industry, and most people lose far more money than they will ever earn back through racing. Racing champions are few and far between, and some of the top horses with the best breeding still turn out to lack racing talent.

A racehorse owner can pour money into a horse's purchase, upkeep, and training, only to find out that the horse doesn't have the speed to race. In racing, nothing is ever certain.

But sometimes, a bit of luck, a dream, and unrelenting hope come together to make a magical story. A run-of-the-mill horse may have some hidden spark of talent and may go on to become a racing champion.

You never know where the next top horse is hiding, and that's part of what keeps people so entranced by the sport. The next big horse is out there. It's just a matter of finding him.

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True Fairy Tale: Girl's Pet Horse Becomes a Racing Champion