Girlfriend Wants a Puppy So Bad, So Boyfriend Makes Sure to Film the Surprise

Posted by Amber King
surprise puppy

There are few things better than a surprise puppy.

When this guy's girlfriend wouldn't stop talking about how much she wanted a puppy, he knew it was only a matter of time. Big eyes, soft fur, and unconditional love--can you really blame her for wanting one so badly? To make her wish come true, he came up with a plan. First he had to find the perfect puppy, and then it was all about staging the surprise.

With an adorable Golden Doodle puppy ready to meet its new owner, the girl's boyfriend knew he had to catch their first meeting on camera. He placed the dog on the bed, set up the camera, and crossed his fingers that his plan would work.

By his girlfriend's reaction, Operation Surprise Puppy was a complete success. She squeals with glee when she sees the little ball of fluff waiting for her. After a few seconds of astonished exclamations, she finally gets it together and leans down to pet her new best friend. It only takes the pup a second to realize he's as excited as his new owner. The tail wags, kisses, and smiles are enough to make everyone hope for a surprise puppy.


As long as the person is ready and responsible enough to take on a lifetime commitment, it's okay to give a puppy as a gift. It's important to remember, however, that puppies deserve homes where they'll receive as much love as they dole out. They're not temporary, and they can be a lot of work. A puppy won't stay a puppy forever, but they'll be a loyal companion for as long as they live.

Do you wish someone will surprise you with a puppy? Let us know in the comments.

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Girlfriend Wants a Puppy So Bad, So Boyfriend Makes Sure to Film the Surprise