Girl Smuggles Grandmother's Little Dog into Hospital Like a Baby

Posted by Krissy Howard
dog in hospital

With her grandma in the hospital, one young woman found a creative and adorable way to cheer her up, while getting around the "no dogs allowed" policy. 

Most people consider their pets family, but unfortunately, our four-legged friends aren't always allowed to be with us, even when we need them the most. Take California vet tech Shelby Hennick's grandmother, for example.

The woman was hospitalized after an allergic reaction to her medication nearly left her paralyzed, and her spirits were down in a bad way. When thinking of ways to cheer her up, Shelby's mind went straight to Patsy, her grandmother's beloved pooch.

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Because dogs aren't allowed in the hospital grandma was staying at, Shelby had to find a creative way to get Patsy to her and ultimately ended up disguising the pup as a baby, swaddled up in a blanket.

Sure, Shelby technically broke the rules, but she assures there wasn't too much devious planning involved, she just saw a chance to cheer up her grandma, and took it.

"Nothing was planned, I just by chance had a blanket in my car, swaddled her up and just walked in!," she said in an interview with Metro UK.

Despite some negative backlash she's received online, Shelby maintains that she did the right thing for the right reasons, and has no regrets.

"I've been getting a lot of negative comments from people, but honestly I would do it again," she told KGW News.

"Not because of the attention, but because I'd do anything to make my family happy."

Thanks to Shelby's quick thinking, Grandma was reportedly thrilled to hold little Patsy in her arms. And as far as the online hate, at least one Twitter user had her back!

Tell us what you think of Shelby sneaking in the little dog in the comments below!

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Girl Smuggles Grandmother's Little Dog into Hospital Like a Baby