Little Entrepreneur Sells Her Paintings to Buy Diabetes Alert Service Dog

Posted by Paige Cerulli
little girl painting to save money for service dog

Eight-year-old Emma Brussell knew that her service dog would be an expensive purchase, so she started her own business to help out. 

When eight-year-old Emma Brussell needed a service dog, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Emma, who has Type 1 diabetes, needs a diabetic alert dog. She even asked for the service dog for Christmas, but trained diabetic alert dogs cost $15,000, and even Santa couldn't come up with the money.

So, Emma decided to do something about the situation. Emma loves to paint, and started selling her paintings in order to earn money for her dog. After selling a few paintings, an anonymous donor gave Emma the rest of the money she needs.

Emma's service dog will become a reality, thanks to the eight-year-old's ingenuity and the kindness of a very generous donor.

Now that Emma has the cost of her service dog covered, any additional money that she earns from her paintings will be designated for the dog's care.

Emma has two alert devices to help her monitor her diabetes, but the devices aren't perfect. Trained diabetic alert dogs can help alert their owners when their blood sugar drops, and can even bring insulin when it may be out of reach.

Interested in buying a painting and supporting a very young entrepreneur? You can email Emma at [email protected] for more information about her paintings.

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Little Entrepreneur Sells Her Paintings to Buy Diabetes Alert Service Dog