British Girl Rides Her Horse Past Snarling Rottweiler

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This incident happened a few years ago but the lesson for dog owners remains the same today!

Horses and dogs don't always get along, as this Rottweiler demonstrated.

Tracy Smith and her daughter Ella were out for a relaxing trail ride near Oxford, England, when they were accosted by a Rottweiler dog that wasn't thrilled by their presence.

Smith, who managed to capture the three-minute ordeal on video, can be heard yelling for the dog's owner to get the dog under control, but the owner couldn't hear her.

All the while, her 14-year-old daughter circled her horse, trying to keep it from bolting.

In light of the incident, Smith is calling for dog owners to be more responsible with their pets when they are around horses and riders.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Smith said:

"A horse's reaction is to flee danger and that's what Ella's was trying to do. There was nothing that could be done because we usually stop and stand to let dogs pass, but because it was at the horse's legs, it wouldn't stand still ... These incidents happen quite often where dogs are out-of-control near the horses. It was scary for my daughter. As soon as the dog got close, her horse was up in the air on two legs."


It's not the first time that Smith, 40, has had to deal with out-of-control dogs. During a previous dog incident, she fell from her horse and received two broken ribs. She wishes dog owners would teach their pets to come when called, or keep them on a leash when near horses.

"It's a worry for horse riders when you come across dogs off-lead because you never know how they or the horses are going to behave," she said. "I usually shout 'the horse will kick' and give the owner time to put their dog on a lead while we stop and stand."

Horse owners often complain about loose dogs and out of control dogs when they're riding. This is just another example of why pet owners need to keep their dogs on leash. It doesn't matter if you live with a Border Collie or a small dog as they can all cause issues for horse people!

Has your horse ever been spooked by a dog? Share your experience in the comments below.

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British Girl Rides Her Horse Past Snarling Rottweiler