7 Products That Your Pup Can Be Excited for in the Fall Months

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Humans have a penchant for all things fall related. Why shouldn't pups share that same excitement?!

We all get a little excited when it comes to fall, which is approaching faster than some of us would like. Fall means sweaters, fuzzy blankets ,and snuggling on the couch with our favorite furry friends.

There's no reason for dogs to feel left out of the excitement that surrounds everyone's favorite season! Especially not with this wonderful resource called the Internet and the booming pet industry. There are plenty of items that should be on your pups must-have list for the fall.

Here are seven items that your dog is probably excited for in fall.

1. Pumpkin Dog Toys

fall dog toys

While pumpkin is highly beneficial for your dog, chasing actual pumpkins isn't that much fun. Give them a pumpkin they can really sink their teeth into!

2. With Fall, Comes Flannel

fall products for pets

Rather than letting your pooch cover your favorite flannel in his favorite shade of fur, why not get him his own? He'll be the coolest dude at the dog park in no time!

3. Pumpkin Treats

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Pumpkin is a great addition to your dog's diet. It helps with digestion and keeps their skin and coat in tip-top shape. Treat your pooch to some pumpkin treats, or make your own to share!

4. Halloween Ready

Samantha Bubar

Make sure your pup is costume-ready for Halloween! Make your own or check out any pet store for a variety of stylish options.

5. Festive Bandanas

Atlas Dog Company

If your pet isn't ready to go full jacket, get them fall-ready with a festive bandana. Flannel, or a festive fall pattern- there's a style for every pooch. Don't forget your matching collar!

6. Paw Care


With fall comes chilly temperatures, which can be rough on your pup's feet. Paw balm is helpful in soothing and smoothing your pup's feet as well as protecting from the elements. Every pooch deserves a paw-dicure!

7. Fall is Boot Season


With the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, comes a wave of boots. Fur-lined, knee-high, whatever your liking; now your dogs don't have to miss out on this stylish trend!

There is no reason your pooch can't enjoy fall just as much as you!

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7 Products That Your Pup Can Be Excited for in the Fall Months