Get Your Pet This Deal of the Day Luxe Lounger for 45% Off

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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Always practice safety first when it comes to your furry friends!

Not only can you make sure your doggy pal is comfortable in the car, you can make sure they are buckled in safely too.

This FurHaven Micro Velvet Luxe Lounger is a step away from a royal bed for your pup. It's super comfortable and can be used in and out of the house. When it's time to travel, place it in your car with the attachable seat belt and drive your pup safely to wherever you're going.

This bed will make your pup happy and it's 45% off, making it just $44.50.

FurHaven Micro Velvet Luxe Lounger Pet Bed Bundle

luxe lounger

This bed is made of orthopedic foam so it supports and soothes your pet's joints and pressure points, ensuring a better sleep for your fur child. When it's time to clean up while they play, you can remove the cover and throw it in the wash to make sure they are lounging on only the best!

The material is perfect for your dog to sleep on too. The velvet is soft on the noses and paws so they can sleep comfortably, even on car rides. When the time comes around to take them to the vet, I mean to visit their friends in that one building with that one doctor person, you can just buckle them right up. The seat belt clip attaches to the car's belt buckle and then attaches to your pet's harness!

This bed is great for both in-home use and travel. Your pet deserves nothing but the best and this right here is top of the line.

Does the seat belt clip sound like something you could use? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Get Your Pet This Deal of the Day Luxe Lounger for 45% Off