Get Your Cat Bonnets While Supplies Last

Posted by Stacey Venzel
cat bonnet
All images via Archie McPhee.

Archie McPhee's new cat bonnets are a hit with cat owners... and, apparently, with most cats.

Who wouldn't want a cat bonnet that only costs $6?

Novelty store Archie McPhee is now featuring cat bonnets on its shelves. They're 100% cotton, 100% for cats. Oh, except for the satin-lined finish on the inside. Me-yow.

The product boasts that the "plain and simple" hats will set your cat in the era of Laura Ingalls Wilder. However, Mcphee says, "if your cat is prideful and disobedient, she won't like it."

cat bonnet

In case you're not into the post-Civil War era, inflatable wizard hats are also available for your feline friend. Wands sold separately.

Halloween is nigh. Make sure your feline is prepared before the cat hats run out.

Though the hats are meant for cats, no one can stop you from trying it on your dog, guinea pig, or turtle. A little rodent cosplay anyone?

All images via Archie McPhee.

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