Get Ready to Cry a Little Watching Fire Evacuees Reunite with Their Pets

Posted by Krissy Howard

Some Northern California residents forced to flee their homes amid recent wildfires have found solace in the pets they've learned are safe and sound.

The Northern California wildfires have forced hundreds to evacuate their homes, some of which were no longer standing when the owners returned. In such a situation, many are either separated from their pets in the chaos and commotion or are forced to leave without them. Fortunately for some, reunions were made possible, thanks to the open doors and efforts of the Marin Humane Society.

The shelter immediately transferred all of its residents to other shelters as the fires began sweeping the area, making room for pets of evacuees and those left behind, according to a report by CBS San Francisco. At the height of their intake, the facility was housing 375 pets, but now that people are returning to the area, that number has dropped to 260, and reunions have resulted in a lot of happy faces.


A video taken at the shelter shows the happy reunion of three different pets, dogs Bill and Jax, and kitten Timothy, who was feared dead by his young human counterpart. The homes of Bill and Timothy burned, forcing their owners to flee and find shelter elsewhere, the entire time wondering and hoping that their pets were okay. Jax's owner surrendered him to the shelter while he made arrangements to deal with the commotion caused by the fires, and returned for him once his situation was stable.

Whatever the scenario, the Humane Society welcomed all in their time of need.

Luckily, these families were offered a happy reunion with their four-legged family members, a much-needed reprieve in a time when so much was lost. To learn more about the Marin Humane Society, or to make a donation to assist with the care of animals in need, you can visit them online at

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Get Ready to Cry a Little Watching Fire Evacuees Reunite with Their Pets