German Shepherd Watches 'Zootopia' and Discovers His Inner Wolf

Posted by TF Oren

Everyone knows dogs are related to wolves.

Well, everyone except Randell. He didn't get the memo.

It took a little Disney magic to introduce Randell to his inner beast. That's right. It wasn't until he watched "Zootopia" that this German Shepherd discovered the howling wolf within.

In a mere 45-seconds, you can see Randell's revelation unfold, from blissfully unaware, to full-on primal in less than a minute.

Watch Randell connect with his inner beast when he hears the "Zootopia" wolves let loose:

Boom! Things will never be quite the same for Randell now that he knows who he really is.

Can't get enough of this wild beast-in-training? You can follow Randell "The Howler" on his Facebook page.

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German Shepherd Watches 'Zootopia' and Discovers His Inner Wolf