German shepherd meets new puppy pal

Watch a German Shepherd Fall in Love With His New Puppy Pal


Nothing is cuter than a German Shepherd meeting a new puppy pal.

German Shepherds are a dog owner favorite. With their adorable faces, cute personalities, and hilarious behaviors, it's easy to see why people love German Shepherd dogs even if they are not an owner themselves. They truly seem like they are the perfect doggy best friend. Admittedly, some pups are best as the only family dog, while others can learn to love a new pet. With some socialization, though, German Shepherds can be very welcoming to new furry family members. This video of a German Shepherd meeting his new puppy pal is proof of just that!

When Kaos met Mayhem, you could tell that the older dog was hesitant--but not opposed to welcoming the new dog. New pups have a lot of energy, especially during playtime, which can be a bit much for an older dog to handle. But as time went on and the puppy settled into his new home, they became the best dog friends.

German Shepherd Meets New Puppy Pal


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In this adorable TikTok video, the German Shepherd meets a new puppy pal and isn't sure what to think. But as the puppy grows, Kaos and Mayhem become fast friends. First, the video shows the two of them meeting for the first time. Then, as the pup gets bigger, they pal around and even take a walk together. After that, the German Shepherd puppy follows the adult dog's lead with ease. The two dogs look like they're going to have a lot of fun together!

The TikTok universe loves these two just as much as we do. "Absolutely gorgeous dogs," one viewer commented--a sentiment that was echoed by plenty of others. The two long-haired German Shepherds are gorgeous examples of the breed both in personality and coloring. Many viewers wondered if the pair are sables, a special German Shepherd coloring where the tip of the fur is dark, but they have lighter roots. Interestingly enough, this German Shepherd coloring is considered the true Shepherd coloring.

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