German Shepherd Expertly Escapes Animal Shelter, Everything Caught on Camera

Posted by Paige Cerulli

One determined German Shepherd made a break for freedom while in an animal shelter, and the whole thing is captured on video.

Ginger, a female German Shepherd is ready to go home from the animal shelter. In fact, she's so ready that she took matters into her own hands, crafting an impressive escape. The German Shepherd is currently at the Apple Valley shelter in Apple Valley, California. Her entire escape was captured on surveillance video, and it's something out of a movie.

Ginger began her escape by climbing over the top of her cage, then working her way through three different doors. If that's not impressive enough, Ginger had to turn the handle on one of the doors to open it, which she managed to do.


Ultimately, Ginger got to the lobby and explored. She jumped up on the counter, then made her way to the main door, which she managed to open by pushing the handle.


Take a look at Ginger's impressive escape below:

As Ginger made her way through the shelter, she set off alarms. An animal control officer responded to the alarms, but only found some papers and files knocked over and moved around.

It seems that Ginger was trying to find her way home. She was brought into the shelter on September 17 by an owner who had become homeless and had to give Ginger up. Once making her escape, she traveled about three miles from the shelter to an area where she had previously lived. She was safely retrieved and is now back at the shelter - likely in a more secure cage.

Ginger's escape is a perfect example of how highly intelligent German Shepherds can be. Hopefully Ginger will find a home where she gets plenty of exercise and chances to put her super smart brain to work.

All images: Gina Whiteside via Facebook

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German Shepherd Expertly Escapes Animal Shelter, Everything Caught on Camera