German Deer Figured out How to Hide from Hunters...and It Involves Cows

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A German deer is tired of life on the run from hunters, so he's joined a herd of cows for protection. 

Each year, hunting season means that deer's lives are at risk. If you ask any hunter, the deer seem to sense this, apparently vanishing from their regular habitats as soon as hunting is permitted. One German deer has gotten tired of hiding from hunters, and he's come up with a most unusual solution.

He's joined a herd of cows.

The red deer is estimated to be five years old and has been joining a herd of Galloway cows in Flensburg, Germany for the past two years. His presence is so frequent that the locals have named the deer Sven. Sven has been increasingly spending more and more time with the cows. No one is sure of just where Sven came from, but he first joined the herd in summer of 2015. Locals assumed that he would leave after a few weeks, and he did, but Sven surprisingly returned again that autumn.

The deer may have realized that he is safe with the cows and that he won't be hunted when he's on the nature reserve. He may feel safer in the herd setting. But it's also possible that Sven is taking advantage of the extra food that is available to the cows, such as when they're provided with hay during the winter.

Red deer typically spend their days in the shelter of the forest, but Sven's grown comfortable among the cows. He'll even let people approach nearby on foot.

Sven will soon be outfitted with a radio transmitter so that local landowners can track where he moves. Locals hope to spread the word about the friendly deer in hopes that hunters won't shoot him.

Free food, and now protection from hunters? It sounds like Sven has life as a deer figured out.

What do you think of Sven the stag? Let us know in the comments below. 

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German Deer Figured out How to Hide from Hunters...and It Involves Cows