Premeditated Disaster: Georgia Horses Stolen from Backyard

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A Georgia family is dealing with every horse owner's worst nightmare: having their horses stolen from their backyard.

Two horses were stolen out a family's backyard last week, leaving the owners heartbroken and worried about their horses' whereabouts.

The family in Henry County, Georgia had owned the horses for almost a decade, and thought that the horses had simply escaped from their pasture until they found that the fence had been cut. They suspect that the horses were loaded onto a trailer and driven away. The horses stolen were pets, making this crime somewhat unusual.

The two horses, Henry and Buddy, are part of the family. Henry is a 23-year-old ex-racehorse. Buddy is a 14-year-old Quarter Horse.

In an interviews with WSB-TV, Samantha McGinnis expressed that she was very scared, and also felt violated by the fact that a person would steal the horses out of their pasture. Her mother, Rachel Moore, noted that the act had to be premeditated, as the thieves needed a horse trailer and wire cutters in able to take the horses.

At this time, the family is unsure of why anyone would want to steal their horses. The police haven't received any tips about the type of vehicle that may have been pulling the trailer. The family has posted the horses' photos and information about the theft on social media, and have also offered a $1,000 for their safe return. The family has noted that they may decide not to press charges if the horses are returned safely.

Want to increase the chances that the horses make it home safely? Please share this article through your social media channels. The more people who are aware that these horses have been stolen, the better the chance that they will be spotted somewhere and may be returned to their family.

If you have any information about Henry and Buddy's whereabouts, please contact Henry County police.

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Premeditated Disaster: Georgia Horses Stolen from Backyard