Georgia Dogs Rescued from Car That Reached 167 Degrees Inside

Posted by Amber King
dog trapped in hot car
Image Source: Facebook/Roswell Police Department

Two dogs would have died inside a hot car in Roswell, Georgia if it wasn't for a concerned citizen and determined police officers.

When a woman heard barking coming from a parked Chevrolet Impala, she knew there was trouble. Summers in Georgia are notoriously hot, and it only takes a few minutes for the temperature inside a locked vehicle to reach dangerous heights.

The dog was obviously suffering in the extreme heat, and the concerned woman called the police for help.

hot car temperature reading
Facebook/Roswell Police Department

It took Officer Bill Lowe from the Roswell Police Department only 18 seconds to respond to the call. He found the dog trapped in the hot car madly barking for help. While the windows were slightly open, a temperature reading showed the interior of the vehicle was a stifling 167 degrees.

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The dog was barking aggressively from heat and fear, but there was no question that it needed to be saved. Police worked together to open the car door and get the small dog to safety.

As they worked to leash the barking dog, a second dog crawled out from under the backseat. Suffering from heat stroke and desperate to escape direct sunlight, both dogs were in danger of dying.

A bodycam video released by Roswell police on Facebook shows officers removing the dogs from the baking car. They bring them to a waiting fire truck to cool down, but one of the dogs suffers a heat stroke seizure seconds after being released.

Two Dogs Rescued From A Hot Car

A concerned citizen noticed a dog suffering in a hot car and called 911. The first officer arrived in 18 seconds. What you are about to see is actual bodycam footage of the rescue and medical treatment of two dogs suffering from heat stroke. Help us spread the word about the dangers of leaving pets inside of a hot vehicle. If you see an animal trapped inside of a hot car, call 9-1-1, so that a tragedy can be avoided. #PetSafety #DogInHotCar #DontLeaveDogsInCars

Posted by Roswell Police Department on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

While officers attempt to stabilize and hydrate the dogs, the vehicle owner was paged on the overhead speaker at a nearby movie theater. When the woman finally returned to her car, she told police she had been gone about an hour and had not thought it necessary to check on her two dogs.

dog rescued from hot car
Facebook/Roswell Police Department

She is being charged with two counts of animal cruelty, and her dogs have been removed from her care. The Roswell Police Department and Fulton County Animal Control hope this incident will help save other animals. The said on Facebook;

"Help us spread the word about the dangers of leaving pets inside of a hot vehicle. If you see an animal trapped inside a hot car, call 9-1-1, so that a tragedy can be avoided."

Both dogs are reported to be in good health, but their future is uncertain. They'll remain with animal control until their owner's trial in August.

Would you call the police if you saw a dog in a hot car? Let us know in the comments below.

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