George W. Bush and Family Adopt a Puppy from Dallas SPCA

Posted by Mateja Lane

The puppy's name is Freddy Bush and he was adopted on Election Day last week. 

The 43rd president of the United States George W. Bush and his wife Laura visited the SPCA in Dallas last week looking for a new friend. It also happened to be the Tuesday of the Presidential Election.

The couple posted a photo of their new puppy, named Freddy Bush, on Instagram. Little Freddy is already much loved in the household and even the cats Bob and Bernadette are getting used to him.

Apparently, Freddy has quite the irresistible charm.

The Bush family had two Scottish Terriers named Barney and Beazley during their time in the White House. Both have since passed away and the Bushes felt it was time for a new family member.

Whether the day of the adoption was meaningful or just a coincidence is anyone's guess. George W. Bush and Laura Bush did not vote for neither Hilary Clinton nor Donald Trump. They were at an animal shelter instead.

Freddy has a nice new home now and the Bushes advocate for adoption, which is the best thing about this post. Besides the cute puppy, of course.

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George W. Bush and Family Adopt a Puppy from Dallas SPCA