Gentle Giants: Yes, Brahma Chickens Really Do Get This Big

Posted by Mateja Lane
brahma chicken

Brahma chickens are really big, but they are gentle giants. 

People lost their minds when someone tweeted a large Brahma chicken leaving its coop, thinking this was an anomaly of a chicken. But in reality, this type of chicken was bred to get that large and are more common than you think.

Here is another example of some beautiful Brahma chickens.

Brahma chickens were originally bred for meat consumption, which is why they are so large. But because of their docile nature, they have additionally become pets and backyard egg layers. They lay large brown eggs and are easy to care for due to their friendly natures.

Sometimes called "The King of All Poultry," these chickens can reach up to 14 pounds. They are also noticeable by their dense plumage and feathers that grow down their legs onto the middle toe.

Though they can really scare some people, since they are related to dinosaurs and all, Brahmas are really just gentle giants.

Have you seen a Brahma? Do you keep them? Show us in the comments below!

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Gentle Giants: Yes, Brahma Chickens Really Do Get This Big