Galloping Down the Beach ... with Mini Horses!

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you think of a gallop down the beach, you probably envision full-sized horses, but these miniature horses love beach gallops, too. 

A gallop down the beach on a sunny day is every rider's dream, but I'll bet you never pictured a good gallop in this fashion before. The woman in this video gallops her miniature horses down the beach - one pulling a cart, the other running freely - and is generous enough to take us along for the ride.

Take a look at this video. The day is perfect for a good gallop, and the unique viewpoint gives you a sense of just what it's like to ride in a cart pulled by a galloping miniature horse. You're sure to get a kick out of the pinto mini running alongside - sure seems like an exuberant, happy horse!

Miniature horses might seem to be useful mainly as pets, but the truth is, they're very talented and can perform any number of duties.

Miniature horses make great companion animals for full-sized horses. They can also pull an adult in a cart, as you see in the video. Miniature horses can compete in shows, both in-hand and in driving classes. Additionally, some shows even offer jumping classes for miniature horse in-hand jumping.

If you think that buying a miniature horse will save you a significant amount of money over owning a full-sized horse, though, then you'll want to reevaluate your plan. While miniature horses are sometimes more affordable to buy than their full-sized counterparts, they still require the care and supplies that a full-sized horse requires.

Your mini may eat less than a regular horse, but you'll often pay the same price for board. A miniature horse also needs regular veterinary and farrier care, and  there aren't generally discounts for the fact that your horse is smaller than most.

Miniature horses have a lot to offer, and their versatility makes them highly popular...especially when they're galloping down the beach!

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Galloping Down the Beach ... with Mini Horses!