Are Your Pets Affecting Your Romantic Relationships?

Posted by Amber King
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For better or worse, dogs, cats, birds, lizards, and every other kind of pet have a lot to do with their owners' romantic relationships.

Whether you use your cute pup as a conversation starter or have had to battle pet problems out with a significant other, when pets are a part of your life, they're a part of your love life. The team over at Woodstream wanted to know exactly how owning a pet affects relationships, and they interviewed 1,000 people to find out the facts.

The main question on everyone's mind was, "What kind of furry deal breakers are known to ruin relationships?"

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According to the survey, dog owners lead the pack by making up 71% of the focus group. People who own cats come in second at 53%, and fish, bird, and rabbit owners round out the group. Out of those pet owners, a pet's bad behavior ranked first on the list of pet-related deal breakers. About one third of men said they'd break up with someone because they didn't like how their pet acted, and 41% of women agreed.


Other furry deal breakers are when a person talks about their pet too much and lets them sleep in the bed. Cats getting cozy in bed only bothered 21% of men and 17% of women, but 29% of men and 23% of women draw the line at big dogs.

Men seem to have less tolerance for pet-related issues overall, but not when it comes to cats and dogs watching their owners during sex. 39% of women said that's a major deal breaker, but only 22% of men listed it as a top concern.

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While most animal lovers look for others of like minds to date, not all pets are treated the same. Dogs are okay, but the study shows people with spiders, snakes, and rodents aren't likely to get a second date. More than half of the study participants said they wouldn't continue dating someone if they found out they had a pet spider. Ants, bees, ferrets, and a few farm animals also made the list. 7% even said owning a cat was a turnoff.

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Whether you're the sole pet owner in your relationship, dating a pet owner, or you're both crazy about your furry friends, there's no denying the fact that pets will have something to do with your relationship. Dogs are the most popular pets out there, but the study also shows 45% of people blame their pet-related breakups on the dog. People see a dog's behavior as a reflection of the owner, and that can either help or hurt your love life.

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Check out Woodstream's full report to see what else people had to say.

Do you have any furry deal breakers to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Infographics via Woodstream

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Are Your Pets Affecting Your Romantic Relationships?