When You Live on a Farm, Sometimes the Animals Get Frisky

Posted by Mateja Lane
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I guess this is the real way double bacon cheeseburgers are made...

Sometimes the reality of life, and how baby animals are made, can be the most entertaining part of living on a farm.

Facebook user Dana Steinacher considers herself a farmer and posts things to her page and in certain farm groups that only people who are familiar with farm animals can appreciate.

Or maybe anyone can appreciate this candid shot that is not so safe for work.

Yes, that is a pig mounting another pig, with a cow on top. A scene that Steinacher caught on her way to feed the chickens.

You can't photoshop that one.

Steinacher posted the photo on her Facebook page and in the Women in Agriculture closed Facebook group.

Some of the comments are the best part like:

"Can I get an egg on it too?"

"That would've been awesome if there had been a chicken on top!"

"What a Kodak moment, nobody would believe you if you didn't get the pic!"

"I needed this chuckle today."

"Making my abs hurt!"

Because that's what this photo really does: brings together the farming community and the oftentimes hilarious things we see day to day.

Have you ever caught your animals doing something naughty on the farm? Tell us in the comments below. 

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When You Live on a Farm, Sometimes the Animals Get Frisky