FriendshipCollar Makes BFF Matching Bracelets for You and Your Pet

Posted by Mateja Lane

Just so nobody is confused as to who your best friend is... 

It's obviously your pet, right? That's who you feed day in and out, who you cancel plans for, who you tell your deepest secrets to...the kind of love you feel for your furry best friend is similar to how you felt about your third-grade BFF, the one whom you gave the other half of your heart charm necklace to.

So, thank goodness FriendshipCollar has recognized the need to be matchy matchy with your best friend, which just happens to be your pet. The company makes collars for cats and dogs that come with a matching bracelet for you to wear. Their mission was inspired by best friends everywhere, and they saw an opportunity to ensure "you and your bestie are always connected however far apart you may be."

My dog and I got to try one out, specifically The Mucky Pup.

mateja and boone

The dog collar and bracelet set is made from animal-friendly vegan leather; FriendshipCollar is 100% cruelty free and backed by PETA. The gold-plated hardware is complete with their printed f logo, which makes the matching accessories super fashionable!

Friendship Collar

All the collars in the Main Collection, including the Mucky Pup, are water resistant and pretty durable. The collars in the Boutique Collection are a bit more delicate and the company suggests storing them in the bags they come in to make it last longer.

Both the collar and the matching friendship bracelet are made with quality and attention to detail. We looked pretty good at the dog park in our matching accessories. I was proud to be the obvious dog mom.

boone and mateja

The trendy collar is soft and supple with a comfortable fit, as is the bracelet. I would recommend this collar set to whoever is looking for a special gift for a pet lover friend or wants to match their dog or cat every day. The sets are $35, while the fancier Boutique Collection pairs are $70. There are also matching leashes available for $20, and the company offers extra bracelets if you want to have multiple BFFs. 

The company also makes friendship cat collars and bracelet sets, by the way.


All in all, this is a fun product made with great quality that will put a smile on your face whenever you see yourself matching your furry friend. And people everywhere love their friendship collars, as demonstrated with the hashtag #friendshipcollar.

Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter to see some cute photos of best friends in their matching pieces all around the world and to see some new prints and styles!

Wide Open Pets is also giving away a FriendshipCollar set to a lucky reader! Just sign up, like us and FriendshipCollar on Facebook, and provide your email for a chance to win!

All photos by Mateja Lane unless otherwise specified. 

What do you think of this fashionable way of proclaiming your love for your furry friend? Tell us in the comments. 

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FriendshipCollar Makes BFF Matching Bracelets for You and Your Pet