Happy Pup Meets Stoic Horses, Forgets Manners in the Excitement

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this Golden Retriever meets a pair of horses, he's not sure just what to make of these giant creatures. 

There's something to be said about a great dog with horse smarts. Dogs are essential to many working farms, since they help to herd livestock and can even serve as protectors against predators. Plus, they're just awesome companions.

But this Golden Retriever? Well, he isn't horse smart. He's very friendly and curious, but when he meets a pair of horses he truly doesn't know what to do.

Take a look and see for yourself!

Luckily for this Golden Retriever, the horses are pretty tolerant of his antics. If the horses were a little more reactive, though, this meeting could have gone very differently.

Introducing dogs to horses is a process, and it can take weeks or months of work before a dog is truly acclimated to horses. If you want to introduce your dog to your horses, it's important to brush up on some basic obedience cues first. Make sure that your dog responds when you ask him to "Sit" and "Stay," and you'll also want a "Quiet" command that your dog respects.

For the initial meeting, have your dog on a leash. Bring him around the barn on a few different occasions so he can get used to the sights and smells. When you do introduce him to a horse, ask him to sit and stay while the horse is still a ways away. Reward your dog for staying relaxed and obedient. If your dog gets excited or starts to bark, discipline him. If you can't change his focus, then remove him from the situation and try again when he's more relaxed.

Training your dog to be safe around horses is an ongoing process, but with some determination and persistence, it can often be accomplished.

How does your dog do around horses? Tell us in the comments below.

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Happy Pup Meets Stoic Horses, Forgets Manners in the Excitement