Free Jumping Pony Just Needs to Learn Which Obstacles to Jump Over

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this pony is presented with a free jumping course, he decides to add on a little extra challenge sure to impress anyone watching. 

Free jumping a horse is a useful tool to judge a horse's potential as an athlete. It also helps horses to learn how to jump and use their bodies without the added weight or distraction of a rider. And sometimes, free jumping can help to teach a reluctant jumper to move freely from one fence to another.

That's not a problem with this pony. Not only does this pony jump over the course presented to him, he adds on a bit of an extra challenge, just for kicks. Be sure to watch to the end of the video to see this surprise, and to truly judge this pony's potential as a jumper.

Wow, does that pony have scope? He cleared the arena fence like it was nothing, and didn't even have a lot of speed going into the jump. Hopefully he was easy to catch after his unexpected exit.

In some cases, horses may discover that they can clear the paddock fences used to keep them enclosed. If a horse learns he can jump out and doesn't feel like staying in his paddock, it can be very hard to keep him enclosed.

If you're dealing with a fence jumper, then you'll likely need to increase the height of your paddock fences to make them more intimidating to the horse. At the same time, though, it's important to make sure that any fencing you need is highly visible - you don't want your horse to attempt to jump out of his pasture without realizing just how high the fence is.

If you have a horse who is determined to escape, consider giving him a pasture buddy or providing him with additional food. Making the pasture a place where your horse wants to stay can help to prevent him from deciding to leave on his own.

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Free Jumping Pony Just Needs to Learn Which Obstacles to Jump Over