45 Names for Pet Foxes: Cute, Popular and Famous Name Ideas

Posted by Christy Caplan
Fennec Foxes

Is it difficult to keep a pet fox? Foxes are extremely opportunistic and will eat anything (like my chickens) they can find! Foxes can eat a large variety of different foods.

These food types range from mushrooms, berries, fruit and, of course, small animals. What they eat varies during the seasons.

If you are eager to live with a pet fox we came up with some names!

10 Popular Fox Names

The fox is famous in literature and Disney movies! For popular names, we spent some time researching pop culture for inspiration like 'The Fox and the Hound'.

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox
2. Zorro
3. Megan Fox
4. Michael J. Fox
5. Reynard the Fox
6. 'Foxy'
7. Scarlett
8. Silver fox or red fox
9. Vixen
10. Rosy

10 Hilarious Fox Names

Foxes are adorable with their big ears and cute muzzles. Why not choose a name that makes you laugh every time you hear it?

1. Fuzzy
2.  Trump
3. Baby Yoda
4. Biscuit
5. Elf
6. Pepper
7. Pikachu
8. Gus
9. Harley
10. Oscar

10 Famous Fox Names

There are so many famous foxes and we researched ten famous fox names you should add to the list.

1. Fiona the Fox
2. Mrs. Fox
3. Maid Marian - Robin Hood
4. Foxy the Pirate
5. Swiper the Fox
6. Mr. Tod
7. Gideon Grey
8. Rocky
9. Gingerbread Man
10. Vixey

10 Fennec Fox Names

The fennec fox is adorable and has ears that go on forever! They are tiny and weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. It is said they look like Pokemon. Their golden and dense coat usually has a black tip - all of their physical characteristics allow them to adapt to desert conditions. They look so snuggly that you can hardly imagine them in their native environment, the Sahara Desert. 

PetPress has some great names for Fennec Fox and Arctic Fox names.

2. Willow
3. Fernie
4. Lucida
5. Koda
6. Kona
7. Copper
8. Abby
9. Henry
10. Harley

5 Arctic (Silver) Fox Names

Also known as the tame Arctic fox or domesticated fox, silver foxes can be difficult to find are usually very expensive. They are similar to dogs in many ways, according to Animal Hype, such as tail wagging, ear flopping, and barking.

1. Casey
2. Hunter
3. Crystal
4. Snezhinka
5. Flash

Do you know anyone that shares their home with a pet fox? We'd love to hear more! Please leave a comment below!

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45 Names for Pet Foxes: Cute, Popular and Famous Name Ideas