After Four Years at the Shelter, This Is What it Looks Like When a Dog Finally Goes Home

Posted by Amber King
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After a long wait, Dexter finally found a forever family.

For three years and seven months, Dexter was forced to call the Valley Animal Center his home. Through no fault of his own, the pit bull mix spent the majority of his life in and out of the shelter, continuously being let down by humans he was meant to trust. He was the longest canine resident to ever stay at the shelter, and with each passing day, his chances of being adopted dwindled.

But then his life changed forever. It was raining on January 7 when a family walked into the shelter looking for a new furry family member. Dexter's personality and heart-wrenching story quickly caught their attention. After introductions were made, they spent time at the shelter getting to know each other. It didn't take long for the chronically homeless pooch to fall in love, and the family loved him right back.

With a unanimous decision, it was agreed that Dexter would finally be going home. With a goofy grin and ferociously wagging tail, Dexter left the shelter for what everyone hopes to be the last time.

After watching Dexter go through four years' worth of disappointment, shelter staff members were ecstatic for the sweet pup they had grown to love. The video they posted to Facebook shows the newly appointed family dog being escorted into a new life. Dexter spent nearly four years in a shelter, but he'll now enjoy being the only pet in a home with a large backyard complete with swimming pool.

Valley Animal Center is the largest no-kill animal shelter in Fresno, CA, and they work hard every day to find homes for animals like Dexter. Last year they adopted out nearly 900 animals, but they didn't do it alone. They rely on volunteers, sponsors, and supporters to help them achieve their goals. Learn how you can help by visiting them online.

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After Four Years at the Shelter, This Is What it Looks Like When a Dog Finally Goes Home