Four-Eared Cat 'Batman' Finds Furever Home and Brings Attention to Adoption

Posted by Kat Tretina

Batman has a unique deformity.

On July 12, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh got quite a surprise; a four-eared cat was surrendered to the shelter along with several other felines.

At just three years old, the cat is unique for this defect that earned him the nickname "Batman."

four-eared cat

While veterinarians are not completely certain of the cause, they believe the condition of the four-eared cat is due to a recessive gene mutation from his parents.

While the condition gets him second looks, the four ears do not seem to cause any issues. In fact, Batman only needed a short veterinary stay due to a an upper respiratory infection and was placed up for adoption.


After he was cleared for adoption, Batman was quickly picked up by a little girl and her mother. The child, a huge fan of superheroes, fell in love with the four-eared cat instantly.

Batman's new owner has decided to stay anonymous, but has reported to the shelter that the special black cat has settled into his new home beautifully and is well-loved and very spoiled. The employees at the shelter are incredibly grateful that Batman's story has brought so much attention to the needs of shelter animals.

While black cats tend to stay in shelters longer than other colored cats, Batman was one of the lucky exceptions. And the hype around his story helped bring some much-needed interest to the shelter and encouraged would-be pet owners to consider adoption. The shelter has reported above-average applications for adoption for animals of every kind, with many saying that Batman was what brought them to the shelter in the first place.

While Batman has his furever home, many other cats and dogs are looking for their own loving families. If you are looking for a new friend, consider adoption!

All photos courtesy of the Facebook/Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. 

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Four-Eared Cat 'Batman' Finds Furever Home and Brings Attention to Adoption