Foster Homes Desperately Needed for Dogs Rescued From Texas Flooding

Posted by Amber King

Seventeen dogs were pulled out of the dangerous Texas floodwater, and they now face the challenge of finding homes in Colorado.

The heavy rain and severe flooding that has plagued the Lone Star State for the past several days has displaced thousands of families, caused massive property damage, and taken the lives of nine soldiers.

Thirty-one Texas counties have declared a state of emergency, and within all that chaos, there are animal shelters over capacity that are being forced to send animals away.


For 17 of those animals, their journey started in Breckenridge, Texas where the already crowded shelter was faced with an urgent decision. The town's shelters didn't have the capacity to care for dogs rescued from the floods, but thanks to a Denver nonprofit called HomeComings Dog Rescue, 17 rescued dogs now have a second chance in a new home state.

The dogs spent a full day on the road and ended their journey at a PetSmart in Lakewood, Colorado Friday night. Foster parents, like Mary Whalen, greeted the pups. Whalen said in an interview with CBS Denver,

"I recently lost my dog, and have some space in my house, so I thought I'd open it up to help."

HomeComings is doing all they can to give these 17 dogs a new start, but they're short on fosters, and many dogs are spending their first few days in Colorado at a boarding facility.

Finding forever homes for all 17 dogs is the ultimate goal, but the first step in that process is getting them into temporary foster homes.

CBS Denver

The dogs will be available for adoption at weekly events located at the Lakewood PetSmart.

HomeComings has also started a GoFundMe page with the intent of returning to Texas to rescue more dogs misplaced by the flooding. If you would like to donate to the cause, visit their GoFundMe page.

HomeComings is also asking for gently used dog bowls, crates, blankets, as well as food to help care for the animals.

If you're in the Denver area, consider opening your home to one of these displaced pups. For more information about becoming a foster parent or adopting from the shelter, email HomeComings at [email protected]

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Foster Homes Desperately Needed for Dogs Rescued From Texas Flooding