Oreo the Stray Cat Is Now the Lovable Boss of a Nursing Home

Posted by TF Oren

Five years ago, a stray cat wandered into the St. Augustine Health Ministries nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Today, that cat, named Oreo, is a permanent fixture at the facility and boasts legions of admirers.

"Oreo found us," wrote Dana Carns, director of advancement at the facility, in an email to the Huffington Post. She's "just another example of the love that you often find in a home."

Oreo isn't the only four-legged resident of the nursing home. She shares the place with canine pal, Coco. According to Carns, Oreo and Coco "give residents something to look for, to care about, to love on."

Oreo spends her days providing comfort and entertainment to residents and staff on the main floor. Her favorite job, though, is as official greeter. You can often find this sweet, silly girl charming everyone from behind the reception desk.

There are over 200 residents at the nursing home, ranging from elderly individuals, to those coping with and recovering from strokes and brain injuries. According to Carns, Oreo fills a gap in the lives of many of these residents who had to leave their own pets behind when they entered the facility.

Oreo is a wonderful example of how animal rescue changes not only the lives of the animals, but also those of their rescuers.

If you're thinking of adding a four-legged pal to your family, adopt, don't shop. You'll be saving a life.

What do you think of this little kitty's important work? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Oreo the Stray Cat Is Now the Lovable Boss of a Nursing Home