Former Contractor Finds New Work in Cat Grooming...and Loves It

Posted by Krissy Howard
Alex Perry via Peconic Public Broadcasting

When a former housing contractor found himself unfulfilled with his work, he quit his job to groom cats, and hasn't looked back! 

In the early 2000s, Alex Perry was working as a housing contractor in Seattle, Washington, where he was making bank and generally loving life. When the housing bubble burst in 2008, he was forced to find work elsewhere, which wasn't such a simple task. After working odd jobs for a while, he and his business partner sold their remaining assets, and he spend his days leisurely lounging at home, which ran its course pretty fast.

"I would say week three and week four, I really started to feel like a loser and then I really started thinking hard about what I was going to do next," Perry told Peconic Public Broadcasting.

When his beloved Himalayan cat Gizmo passed a few years later, a still unemployed Perry started volunteering at a local Persian and Himalayan cat rescue to give back to the breed who gave him so much over the years. There, he learned how to groom longhaired cats, and his new passion was born.

Within a year he was working at a groomer, and in 2015 he opened up his own shop, called Cozy Cat Boarding and Grooming in Seattle, where he works as a groomer and co-owner.

cozy cat groomer
Cozy Cat Boarding and Grooming/Facebook

"I've probably groomed over 40,000 cats now...It's a lot," Perry says. "You know, a lot of them are the same cats. I wouldn't say that's 40,000 individual cats. That's cats that come in every few months or quarterly so I groom a lot of cats over and over again."

Perry certainly traveled a long road to get to where he is today, and insists that, although he has found his calling it's still a lot of hard work - nearly as hard as construction! He explained:

"A lot of people get into it thinking you get to play with kitty cats all day, which in a sense you do, but it's hard work. I would put it right up there with construction as far as the difficulty of the work."

To keep up with Perry and the crew, or to book a service if you live in the Seattle area, you can find them online at, and on Facebook!

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Former Contractor Finds New Work in Cat Grooming...and Loves It