This Mud Puddle Means Heaven for Harley the Lab

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Harley the Lab clearly loves mud puddles, but that means that Harley's mom will face quite the challenge in getting him home. 

Have you ever taken your dog for a walk in the woods, only to come across a group of mud puddles? For some reason, certain dogs can't resist the temptation of mud puddles and insist on racing through them, digging in them, and enthusiastically rolling in them. You're left with a mud-covered, but happy, dog for the walk home.

We've seen enthusiastic dogs, but I'm not sure that any dog matches Harley's enthusiasm for mud puddles. Harley seems determined to absolutely cover every inch of his body with mud - and he does a good job of it, too.

Take a look at this chocolate Lab's delight, and make sure that you have your volume turned up - his owner's commentary adds to the fun.

So, what have we learned here? Well, if you come to a mud puddle and don't want your dog to get filthy, then have him on a leash before you get anywhere near the puddle. If you let your dog near the puddle, be prepared for him to be covered in wet, soppy mud from head to toe.

You'll also want to have a way to get your dog home - maybe you have a rubber mat in the back of your car for him to sit on. You'll definitely want to bring plenty of towels along so that you can protect the seats of your car.

When you get home, it will be time for a bath. Bathing your dog outside is best - it keeps the mud out of your house and you won't have to deal with keeping the mud from clogging your drain. Give your dog a good scrub-down and towel him dry before you allow him back in the house. And then, get ready to do it all again the next time that your dog discovers a mud puddle!

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This Mud Puddle Means Heaven for Harley the Lab