For These Frenchies, There Are No Better Words Than 'Dog Park'

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Here is proof dogs know certain words.

Most dogs love to go out for rides. Some dogs even have favorite places, like the beach, the dog park, or the local hiking trails. And if you refer to these places often enough, using the same words, your dog may start to understand what you mean. This is why it's a very good idea not to say the word "vet" whenever you take your dog to the veterinarian, otherwise you'll find yourself battling a dog who is very determined not to get in the car.

The two Frenchies in this video clearly love the dog park. Actually, they love the dog park so much that they can barely contain themselves when their owner announces where they're going next.

Does your dog love the park just as much as these two dogs? Dog parks can be a great place to help your dog work off some extra energy. But before you take your dog out to the park, you'll want to make sure that he's fully vaccinated. Dog parks are frequented by many dogs, which means that your dog could potentially pick up a disease from another dog.

It may take a bit of experimentation to find the right park for your dog. Look for a park which is well-maintained, and which is fenced a safe distance from the road to help keep all of the dogs safe. You'll want to keep a close eye on your dog while you're in the park, and stay aware of the behavior of other dogs, too. If your dog is social, this can be a nice way for him to play with other dogs, but always be sure to monitor all of the dogs for signs of aggression or fear.

With some vigilance and preparation, you and your dog may come to enjoy dog parks as much as the Frenchies in this video.

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For These Frenchies, There Are No Better Words Than 'Dog Park'