Are You Fooled by These Animal Facts?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Can you separate fact from fiction with this collection of weird animal facts?

Animals do some pretty weird things, but just how weird is too weird? As it turns out, these heartland and house pets have some cool facts to share!

We know dogs and cats have their own set of silly facts that distinguish them (and their owners) from each other. But they also go a step further to differentiate themselves... starting with the content of their pee. Curious what that could possibly mean? Dive into the quiz below to find out!

How do horses, cows and fish really sleep? Is is true what they say about a llama's wool? Check out this fun quiz to test your knowledge. You'll have some great trivia for April Fool's!

Were you fooled? Don't worry, so were we!

Please note, Wide Open Pets does not condone setting llamas on fire or cross-breeding spiders and goats to test these facts.

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Are You Fooled by These Animal Facts?